I created ELSEWHERE blog in 2012, as a travel journal to document and share my adventures while wandering around the world for one year. I was lost, just graduated from college with a degree in visual communication and had no clue what I was going to do with my life.

As my adventures went on, my life made BIG changes. I came to the realisation that there is not one right way to live life and that I wanted to make every single year THE best year of my life. I decided to give my ideal nomadic ‘career’ a shot working as a freelance illustrator / graphic designer, went fully vegan for health and environmental reasons and made plans to leave home for good to move to the opposite side of the world.

Now, months later, I’m enjoying my life wandering through and exploring (South East) Asia. Sharing my stories, photos, videos  and experiences through the blog. Hope you all enjoy and follow along!


I’m originally from a student town in Belgium called Leuven. It’s a nice little city but just not my cup of tea. — I love food. Especially sweet potato fries. Or guacamole. And smoothies. And pasta. Oh, and sushi! — Countries on top of my bucket list are Japan, the USA and Hong Kong. — I’ve never had a car, I prefer riding my bicycle. It’s more fun and I suck at driving cars. — I love cacti and tropical plants so bad, I’m planning to make my future house into a jungle/desert. — Dutch, English and French are the languages I speak. Hoping to learn German and Spanish soon. — I love coffee, I even did a barista course. In the end, I think I prefer drinking it over making it. — Berlin, London and Melbourne are my favourite cities I visited so far. I’d like to live in all 3 of them, at the same time. — I’m obsessed with all visual arts. From paintings, to fashion, to photography, to graphic design, to interiors, to videography, to illustration, to ALLLLLLLLL.  — 95% of my clothes are black, yet I live a colourful life.

interested in a collaboration or sending me a virtual postcard from your trip? hello@elsewhere-blog.com