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    The past months in Thailand have been months of many celebrations. It kind of felt like there was something happening every single week. The Yi Peng festival, Christmas and New Year definitely…

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    my love for Hong Kong

    Hong Kong is a city of many many contrasts. You’ll find old Chinese temples in between the massive newly built skyscrapers, little green lungs in the massive concrete jungle and the traditions next…

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    ELSEWHERE guide to Chiang Mai

    After spending about 5 months in Chiang Mai, you might think we’re running out of things to do. Well, you couldn’t be more wrong. Chiang Mai has so many good things…

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    Hong Kong

    Hong Kong has been on top my travel wish list with cities like Tokyo and New York for ages. I wasn’t sure why, but I just felt like I had to…

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    The Chiang Mai Vegan Food Guide

    One of the reasons we first chose to visit Chiang Mai was because we found out how vegan friendly the city is. Northern Thailand is well known for its great food and especially…