Chiang Mai’s Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon. Maybe not as spectacular as the United States version, but definitely impressive enough to visit when you’re exploring (northern) Thailand. When you’re making a stop in Chiang Mai, this one can’t be missed. This quarry is a little oasis, about 20k from the city center of Chiangers. Perfect for a cool down afternoon trip in the hot Thai climate.

I found out about this place after some research on YouTube. Strangely enough, google had not a lot of information, but the aqua coloured waters and ocre cliffs I had seen in the video clips called out for action. We rented a scooter and headed in the direction of Hang Dong.

About a 30 minute ride later we arrived. I couldn’t believe it. This is amazing!! A beautiful place, as if it was some picture perfect taken from a travel magazine. Surprisingly enough, there were not many people either. As if this place is undiscovered. Which of course made it all better.

The boys just jumped of the highest cliffs, as if it was nothing. I looked down the lowest one and thought ‘NO WAY’! A relaxing swim is more my cup of tea and enjoying the sun on the bamboo rafts they put in the water is even better. It was only the second time we went, that I dared to jump (after some pear pressure of course) and I can say one thing now: ‘NEVER AGAIN’. Even though it was a good experience, heights and I will never be friends.

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  • Katie Kenney

    I heard about the quarry from locals both times I visited Chiang Mai when I was living in Thailand, but I never actually made it — and now I’m so regretting it! More beautiful than I expected, and both jumping AND basking in the sun sound perfect to me. Will definitely be putting this at the top of my list next time I’m in Chiang Mai.

    • tinne @ elsewhere blog

      Ah that’s a shame! If I hadn’t seen the footage on it, I probably would have skipped it too ;-)

  • Margo @ The Overseas Escape

    okay so maybe it’s not the grand canyon but it’s still A grand canyon. beautiful!

    • tinne @ elsewhere blog

      true :) :)

  • Kim –

    Cool! Jammer dat ik hier niet van wist toen we in Chiang Mai waren :)

    • tinne @ elsewhere blog

      Niet veel mensen weten ervan denk ik… super veel toeristen in de stad en dan ga je daar en dan zijn er een tien tal toeristen… een keer waren we zelfs helemaal alleen! Maar zeker onthouden voor de volgende keer :-)

  • Ineke | HUSH-E