Chiang Mai’s Nimmanhaemin

The last days of 2015 are passing by, and I’d love to end the year with another Chiang Mai post. Why all this Chiang Mai? Because without any doubt, Chiangers has been the discovery of the year, and I almost don’t dare to say it but it obviously took over the place of my favourite city in South East Asia. This city has been amazing the past months and I can’t think of any other place that could have treated us better.

Let me show you around in my neighbourhood. These streets are the best looking streets in town and within one week of arriving, I knew this is where I wanted to be. So what is it about this place? Nimmanhaemin is definitely the hippest/happening area of Chiang Mai. It’s digital nomad central, it’s the coffee culture capital of Northern Thailand and it’s definitely the most stylish place around.

During any time of the day something is happening here. You’ll find early birds sipping their latte art coffees in the bright morning light. Around lunchtime you’ll spot fashionista’s doing their shopping, locals going on lunch dates and the digital nomads working their laptop life in the local cafes and coworking spaces. Later in the day, the area fills up with students eating some ice cream after school, tourists riding their bikes around and locals going for after work drinks. In the evening, this area becomes a foodie paradise. The streets fill up with street vendors, the hippest restaurants open their doors and little artist’s markets pop up. When everyone’s belly is filled, the bars open up, ready for nightlife.

The streets (or sois) of the Nimmanhaemin area are a real labyrinth, making sure you will miss out on cool spots while visiting. The fun part about it is that there is always something new to discover. Also the amount of new places opening up is amazing. The trees colour the area peacefully green and the funky little cafes and restaurants give the whole area a unique feel. I could spend hours walking around here and exploring the area. Definitely a must when visiting Chiang Mai!

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  • Anke

    Oh Tinne, you make my bucket list longer and longer….

    • tinne @ elsewhere blog

      Haha you are welcome :-) nooit lang genoeg he!!

      • Anke

        Nope, en elk land dat er bijkomt blijft er op staan, nooit genoeg tijd om alles te zien + er zijn altijd mensen die je moet bezoeken als je terugkomt :)

  • Audrey

    These are beautiful shots! They make me miss my days in Chiang Mai. :)

    • tinne @ elsewhere blog

      Thanks Audrey!! X