The past months in Thailand have been months of many celebrations. It kind of felt like there was something happening every single week. The Yi Peng festival, Christmas and New Year definitely were the biggest events so far but my favourite one, has been the celebrations for the new Chinese lunar year.

For this occasion, I went to have a little wander through Chiang Mai’s China Town. This place is usually not that interesting to my opinion, but that was obviously before the new year celebrations started. The streets were decorated with hundreds of beautiful red lanterns. There were traditional dance performances and music in the streets. People (especially girls and children) dressed in bright red Chinese clothing. And the smell of the food market (it’s Asia, there had to be a food market) just took me to a whole new world. It felt like we just landed in a new place even though we were still in our beloved Chiang Mai.

I didn’t take a lot of pictures, but I did make a video! So make sure to check that out too. I will make a couple more videos over the next weeks so if you want to see them all, make sure to subscribe to the Elsewhere channel!

chineseNY_elsewhere2 chineseNY_elsewhere5 chineseNY_elsewhere1chineseNY_elsewhere4

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    No matter where you are, Chinese New Year is always a great celebration – the decorations are usually bright, and extravagant, although here in Myanmar they weren’t as obvious. Lovely photographs and a great video!

  • Hannah T.

    Great video!

    You must have had a great time.

    x Hannah