The Chiang Mai Vegan Food Guide

One of the reasons we first chose to visit Chiang Mai was because we found out how vegan friendly the city is. Northern Thailand is well known for its great food and especially Chiang Mai has an amazing range of really good restaurants. That many of them are vegan or have vegan options is of course a big plus. I do have to be honest. There’s been a lot of disappointments and the search for great vegan food has not always been the best but after all, we ended up finding many great places so I decided it was about time I shared my vegan food list with you all.

Little note before we start: excuse the photo quality, photographing dinners at night with a phone is not my strongest quality haha + I often forget to take photos of my food as I get too excited to eat, so I’ll try to fill up the gaps in the next couple of weeks! 



anchan chiang mai elsewhere blogANCHAN

The food in Anchan is without any doubt the best Thai food in town. Beautiful Thai dishes, full of flavour and made with super fresh veggies. The 10 – 15 dish menu changes every week, but honestly all dishes we tried here were absolutely amazing! It’s slightly more expensive than other restaurants but it’s a price happily paid for quality food.

28/12 Nimmanhemintr Road – Chiang Mai
Tuesday – Saturday, 11AM – 8:30PM


The first restaurant we tried in Chiang Mai, and one we go back to on a weekly basis. The menu has both Asian as Western options and they’re all so good. Our favourites: the pumpkin curry, the crispy morning glory, the black bean sandwich (with avocado) and the penang curry. We always leave satisfied as the taste is great, the portions are big and the staff is super friendly!

34/1 Ratmakka Road – Chiang Mai
Monday – Sunday, 9AM-10PM

maykadee chiang mai elsewhere blogMAY KAIDEES

Another restaurant where we had many dinners. Super cheap and super delicious. They mostly serve Thai dishes with a couple of exceptions. My favourites are the massaman curry, any stir fry and the pancakes with fresh fruit (breakfast or dessert, any excuse for pancakes is a good one).

29/4 Chang Moi Kao Road – Chiang Mai
Monday – Sunday, 9AM-10PM

food lanna, maya mall, chiang mai elsewhere blog

Pad thai has been an all time favourite, but going vegan kind of changed my opinion. I tried many vegan pad thais in town and was always disappointed. Until we tried the noodle stand at the Maya ‘Food Lanna’ (4th floor). The noodle stand serves fried noodles with meat/fish/… AND has one vegetarian pad thai which is accidentally vegan, for only 30 bath. Best and cheapest pad thai in town.

Maya Mall, floor 4 – Chiang Mai
Monday – Sunday, 11AM-10PM


A tiny, well hidden local restaurant close to the Muang Mai markets. Only the owner speaks English, so it is a bit of a guess what is going to end up on your plate when choosing from the buffet, but all I can say: everything is delicious and vegan! We tried many curries, some weird but o-so-good fried bamboo and other veggie dishes. Not unimportant: this local restaurant comes with local prices!

24 Wichayanon Road – Chiang Mai 
Monday – Saturday, 8AM-4PM

vegetarian stall, MAYA mall , chiang mai elsewhere blog

I absolutely love this place for a quick lunch/dinner. Located in the basement (B1) of the MAYA mall, this vegan stall let’s you pick and mix many Thai dishes. My favourites are the pumpkin, the steamed spring rolls, the spicy green beans and everything that looks like green leafy vegetable. We spend about 50 bath per person for a meal there, so let’s say it’s a good deal.

Maya Mall, floor B1 – Chiang Mai
Monday – Sunday, 11AM-10PM


Not once has this buffet restaurant let us down. They only have 4-6 dishes on the menu, depending on what is left / what time of the day you pop by, but the quality and taste is great! I’m also fond of the oldskool Thai interior: think of granny style tables, pink plastic plates and boxes, fans on the wall and super bright white light. Definitely not for a romantic dinner, but great for a locals lunch.

Hussadhisawee Road, opposite side of 7-11 – Chiang Mai
Monday – Saturday, 8AM-3PM



Street pizza & wine house, chiang mai elsewhere blogSTREET PIZZA & WINE HOUSE

One of the cosiest restaurants in town serving amazing pizzas. It took us way to long to finally make a move there and the only thing I can say now is that I wish we went quicker! They have no vegan pizza on the menu, but a couple of veggie options that can be ordered without cheese. The base of the pizza is perfectly thin + crunchy and the toppings are fresh and tasty. They also have great fries by the way… just saying…

7-15 Thapae Road – Chiang Mai
Tuesday – Sunday, 11:30AM-11PM 

by hand pizza cafe, chiang mai elsewhere blog

This Pizza restaurant has a vegan options on their menu. They serve 4 different vegan pizzas and they are all amazing (just watch out for the spicy one, because that is mega hot + extremely garlic-y but still super delicious if you can handle that). There’s also possibilities to customise your pizza and add some ingredients. Great place for pizza night!

25 Moonmuang Soi 7 – Chiang Mai
Monday – Sunday, 5PM-11:30PM



Olé gourmet mexican, chiang mai elsewhere blogOLÉ GOURMET MEXICAN

I was about to write a couple of Mexican restaurants down as I love Mexican food and you can easily veganise it by asking for no-cheese/no-sour cream, BUT when we discovered this restaurant, the other places ended under the delete button. Olé serves THE best vegan burritos in Thailand (+ they’re massive for only 80 bath), has amazing nachos and other veggie dishes that are they can make vegan for you and is located in a very cool spot. It ticks all the boxes and we’d eat there every day if possible.

88 Thapae Road – Chiang Mai
Monday – Saturday, 2PM-10PM 



musashi contemporary sushi, chiang mai elsewhere blog

Personally for me, nothing beats a sushi night out. In Chiang Mai there is just one problem, most of the sushi places only serve fishy sushi (I mean, what’s going on people?!). Luckily, we found this place a while ago that actually has veggie/vegan options and they’re delicious! My favourite: ‘Lake Forest’, could seriously eat several plates of that!

13 Nimmanheamin Road Soi 13 – Chiang Mai
Monday – Sunday, 11AM-10PM



foodfortoughtFOOD 4 THOUGHT

Oh boy. This place serves big colourful lunches that will put a smile on your face for the rest of the day. Most items on their menu are meaty/vegetarian with the option to make it vegan. On the menu: wraps, burgers, pastas, salads and amazing sweet potato fries. Also love the cute garden setting!

15/5 Moo 1, Soi Sudjai – Chiang Mai
Tuesday – Saturday, 10:30AM-8PM

salad concept, chiang mai elsewhere blogSALAD CONCEPT

A restaurant chain with 2 different location throughout the city. This is not a vegan restaurant, but it offers the option to make your own salad or wrap. Lot’s of vegan options are available, even vegan dressings! The portions are big (depending on how many toppings you choose of course) for about 100 bath.

Nimmanhemin Road Soi 13 – Chiang Mai OR
94 Chai Sri Poom Soi 1 – Chiang Mai

Monday – Sunday, 11AM-10PM 

Immaim vegetarian cafe, chiang mai elsewhere blog

One of the best things about the warm Thai weather is that you can be outside all the time. That’s one reason to spend your afternoon in a garden like the one of Imm Aim. The other reason is to try their Thai food, delicious fresh salads, Mexican DIY wraps, tasty sandwiches, fresh juices and fruity smoothies!

10 Santitham Road – Chiang Mai
Monday – Sunday, 10AM-8PM




We found out about this little garden cafe pretty late, but once we did, we returned on a weekly basis. Amrita garden serves one of the best vegan burgers I’ve had in Chiang Mai – especially the one with the avocado option. The patty is super tasty and they’re not afraid of adding some good sauces. I also recommend to try their delicious noodle soups, the vegan spaghetti bolognese and the vegan pastries (you read that well). Everything we tried here so far was a winner!

Samlan Road Soi5 – Chiang Mai
Wednesday – Monday 10AM-8:30PM



Burgeroholic started in a tiny van transformed in a restaurant located at the Night Bazaar Market, a good concept that comes with good food. But since about a week or so, they have their own cafe! They serve about 4 different burgers of which one is vegan (YAY). Accompanied by the best fries in Chiang Mai. Your greasy night out will never be the same again… Good to know: some of the sauces are non-vegan, so just ask to make sure! Oh and also, they’re not very consistent with opening hours so don’t be disappointed!

5 Charoensuk Road – Chaing Mai
Monday – Sunday, 6PM-12PM

Juicy4u, chiang mai elsewhere blog

Not very happy about the size of this burger (you’ll need 2 or even 3 in my case to fill you up), but I have to admit they’re very delicious. This is definitely the healthier burger in this list. It comes with different sauces, a little salad and the option to add avocado. Can’t say no to that can you?

Ratchamanka 5 – Chiang Mai
Monday – Saturday, 8:30AM-5PM



smoothiebowlsRUSTIC & BLUE

Rustic & Blue is by far my favourite breakkie place in town. It’s not a vegan cafe but they have many vegan options, some non-vegan meals can be made vegan and they serve all day breakfast. The meals are prepared with fruit and veg of their own produce which is definitely a plus too. We tried some delicious smoothie bowls with soy yoghurt and all I can say is that they are to die for!

Nimmanhaemin Road, Soi 7 – Chiang Mai
Tuesday-Friday 8:30AM-9PM, Saturday-Sunday 8:30AM-10PM


The first time I visited this restaurant, I was totally disappointed. I went for lunch and had a tofu burger that was absolutely hideous. Also the service is a nightmare (we experienced this several times): super rude manager, staff doesn’t speak English and half of the order won’t come out but will be charged. So why is this in the list you’re asking? Because they sell vegan pastries. Think croissants, donuts, muffins,… all your vegan-fast-food-heart desires. They are absolutely delicious. My tip? Go buy them as take away and do not spent more than 5 minutes in there!

35/1 MoonMuang Road, Soi 9 – Chiang Mai
Monday – Saturday, 7AM-8:30PM


Free Bird Cafe is a little Burmese restaurant + second hand shop that supports Burmese refugees. Next to Burmese food, they serve delicious breakkies and smoothies. I was sold when I read ‘vegan pancakes’ and enjoyed the one with pineapple and banana!

116 Maneenopparat Road – Chiang Mai
Tuesday – Saturday, 9AM-5PM


mango sticky rice, chiang mai elsewhere blog

The best mango sticky rice in town is sold by an old lady close to the Thapae Gates. Her purple sticky rice is not only the prettiest, but also the tastiest by far. It’s all you can buy in her little food stall, and it will cost you about 40 bath.

Rachadamnoen Road – Chiang Mai
Monday – Sunday, during the day + evening

ice love you, chiang mai elsewhere blog

It’s Thailand, the weather is hot and you’ll need ice cream. Chiang Mai has it all covered! This vegan ice cream cafe has any flavour you fancy. From mango sticky rice (YAY) to durian (personally less yay) and many other colourful fruity flavours.

25/34 Suthep Road – Chiang Mai
Monday – Sunday, 10:30AM-10:30PM 

pun-pao, chiang mai elsewhere blog

My 2015 food obsession has started here. Steamed buns are my new not-so-guilty pleasure! I both love the sweet and the savoury buns, they’re perfect for my favourite time of the day: snack time. Just look for the Thai vegetarian sign or ask the girl/boy behind the counter which ones don’t contain animal products.

422/1 Banpaprakarn Road – Chiang Mai
Monday – Sunday, 8AM-9PM OR
Maya Mall, floor 4 – Chiang Mai
Monday – Sunday, 11AM-10PM



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