Yi Peng Lantern Festival

When we arrived back in Chiang Mai, after several weeks travelling to KL and mainly Bali, something was different. The city got super busy and it kind of felt like an early Christmas. The streets were decorated with coloured lanterns and candles, occasionally fireworks would go off and the whole city seemed to be in a holiday atmosphere. We didn’t immediately realise what was going on, until the landlord of our new apartment told us Chiang Mai was so busy for a festival.

That’s when the penny dropped. She was talking about Yi Peng. The Yi Peng Festival that was only celebrated in Northern Thailand, the one of which I had seen dozens of pictures online. The festival where hundreds, or maybe even thousands of people launch lanterns in the air, making the sky look like it is full of stars. The festival where people float decorated candles on the river, to fulfil their wishes. The festival that celebrates the full moon (but in a beautiful way, and not like the well known drunk backpacker parties in the South). That festival was happening now! And we were lucky enough to arrive right on time, to experience Chiang Mai in all its glory. Definitely a night to remember!

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  • Ineke | HUSH-E

    oh wauw, moet zo’n leuke ervaring zijn! x

    • tinne @ elsewhere blog

      Was het absoluut!! Beetje kerst-nieuwjaar en een festival in één avond! Kan niet mislopen he ;-)

  • Marissa Schulze

    Lanterns in the sky.
    Jewels in the night
    Making me look
    For the soonest flight.

    Thank you for sharing!

    • tinne @ elsewhere blog

      awesome comment ♡ thanks!!!